Marital Guidance Centres

Family is an important factor in Indian society and family health ensures social wellbeing. Family disintegration and marital discords are major reasons behind most social negativities today. Marital and family harmony is an urgent need.

The proposed ATMA Marital Guidance Centre will have:

  • Regular pre-marital training and guidance programmes
  • Regular post- marital harmony and guidance workshops
  • Family Harmony Retreats - residential counselling facility for families in conflict
  • A Psychological Guidance & Remedial Centre with psychiatrist, clinical psychologist, life coach, etc.

Harmony Counselling and Training Centre

Harmony Counselling, aimed at empowering the individual without labelling them as ‘cases’, considers various factors like lifestyle, relationships, emotions, etc. which contribute to one’s well being, and gives guidance for intrapersonal and interpersonal integration to overcome distress in life.

Training workshops and certificate programmes will be conducted to train and integrate more people into this support system.

Child & Adolescent Development Centre

The present ATMA CADC (Child & Adolescent Development Centre) will be expanded and further developed at the Harmony Village into a full-fledged facility to help students with developmental challenges, behavioural issues, learning disabilities and other academic difficulties

The Centre will engage the comprehensive support of psychiatrists, psychologists, doctors, ayurveda physicians, yoga trainers, educationists, remediators, special educators, counsellors, academic and career experts, lifestyle coaches, etc.

Geriatric And Palliative Care Hospital

Developing a Geriatric and Palliative Care Hospital in the Village will help the elders staying within and outside the community. An integrated approach with AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Sidha & Homoeopathy) interventions will be ideal for the wellbeing of the elderly. The basic hospital facility here will also be used for supporting others outside the community.

Mobile Medical Care Units

Mobile health care units providing AYUSH and modern medical care will help improve the health awareness and wellbeing of the elderly in the community around the Harmony Village.

Holistic Health Hub

The Holistic Health Hub will promote healthy living options offered by Yoga, Ayurveda, Naturopathy and Traditional Wisdom to assist people to combat modern lifestyle challenges and psychosomatic problems. It will have facilities for:

  • Preventive therapies
  • Treatment of diseases
  • Cleansing and rejuvenation treatments
  • Research in lifestyle management
  • Yoga for health and harmony.

Medicinal Garden

The Garden of Medicinal Plants will ensure the availability of natural medicines for the AYUSH practitioners, and lend a ‘healthy air’ to the Harmony Village.

ATMA Yoga Peethom

This centre will be dedicated to the promotion and practice of yoga as a positive lifestyle option for harmonious living. Facilities will include:

  • Yoga Training
  • Yoga Trainers’ Training
  • Yoga Therapy
  • Yoga Research
  • Campaigns and initiatives for promotion of yoga

Mental Health Care Centre For Children & Adolescents

The proposed Mental Health Care Centre will focus on children and adolescents to address deviant behaviours, addictions, disorders and neuropsychiatric challenges among this age group.

The centre will evolve an integrated remediation and rehabilitation programme, harnessing the possibilities of Psychiatry, Psychology, Counselling, Ayurveda, Yoga, Games, Success Skills Training, etc., addressing Physical, Emotional, Cognitive, Moral, Social and Spiritual Aspects of Personality, facilitating necessary realignments in attitude, aptitude and ecology.

Expert professionals and agencies will be involved at all levels of programme formulation and implementation.

Research will be undertaken to identify and address the new generation issues in a holistic and scientific manner.

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