Temple Of Arts

The ATMA Temple of Arts will explore the possibilities of art as a means of harmony, happiness and self-expression. Training and performance in classical art forms will be facilitated with the support and guidance of experts in the field. There will also be facilities for higher studies and research on the role of music and other art forms in relieving stress. This will sanctify the ambience of the Village and the community around with the harmony of art.

ATMA Open School

An open school in the Harmony Village will help Gurukulam children and others to receive quality education, where the unique talents and interests of every child will be identified and developed. Children can specialize in any field like arts, sports, languages, science, etc. where they have the aptitude to excel. Their education will also be enriched by the real-life learning experiences and other support systems in the Harmony Village.

ATMA Weekend School

A weekend school will function at the Harmony Village to help children develop interest and deep understanding in all subjects, and explore learning outside the syllabus, utilising the infrastructure and facilities of the Village.

ATMA Special Schools

Special schools will be developed in the campus for children with specific needs like autism, learning disabilities, etc. With the support of committed volunteers, the school will adopt a double-pronged approach whereby

  • Academic achievement of the children will be boosted through modified pedagogy, novel methodology and state-of-the art technology
  • AYUSH interventions will be explored on a regular basis to overcome the disability

This will increase self-reliance and independence of the children, and help to integrate them into the mainstream wherever possible.

Training And Development Hub

The Campsite

A campsite with residential facilities will be developed where regular training programmes can be conducted. This will, in various ways, enhance the community interaction of the ATMA Harmony Village.

Outbound Training Centre

Outbound training is very useful for youth and others to develop a spirit of adventure and various success skills. An outbound training centre will be developed at the ATMA Harmony Village campus, which can be utilised by colleges, youth forums, corporates, etc for training programmes. Innovative facilities like adventure parks, open-air classrooms and creativity labs will be set up here for this purpose

Livelihood Skill Station

This centre will implement skill acquisition programmes and certificate courses for skilling and up-skilling youth and women, and increasing their employability. This will benefit the underprivileged women and youth in the community. They can get vocational training and acquire industry-specific skills here. The centre can also implement various government schemes effectively.

Success Skill Development Centre

This will help the youth acquire life skills and skills outside their syllabus which will help them succeed in practical life. Regular camps and programmes will be organised here, where young aspirants can take guidance from professional trainers and successful role models

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