ATMA Harmony Village & Senior Citizens’ Wellness Living Project


A key segment of the ATMA Harmony Village is the project for Senior Citizens’ Wellness Living. Here, the very concept of senior care will be redefined. It will enable the elderly to spend the twilight of their lives fruitfully, celebrating every moment in health, happiness and togetherness.

The project is designed for senior citizens (55 + ) who have retired from active service, may have been expatriates, are affluent, and on the lookout for quality living options to spend their retirement years comfortably.

Residential units in this project are not for sale and will be available for use as an exclusive privilege. All the expenses here will be shared by the residents, managed by an administrative body constituted by the residents, professionals and representatives of the ATMA trust.

The Senior Citizens' Wellness Living Project envisioned at ATMA Harmony Village aims to provide high quality living facilities which meet international standards, with regard to the following aspects:

  • Quality food: There will be provision for a common kitchen. The elders will also have independent facilities in their homes to cook if they want to.
  • Quality food: There will be provision for a common kitchen. The elders will also have independent facilities in their homes to cook if they want to.
  • Quality healthcare: There will be facilities for exercise and recreation, and a centre for geriatric care. Support will be given where required for regular doctors’ appointments, treatments, hospitalisations, etc. Importance will be given to emotional health and happiness.
  • Quality assistance: Assistance will be provided for daily requirements like travel, shopping, domestic help, food, etc.
  • Quality utilisation of time: Senior citizens can involve in the other projects and activities available at the Harmony Village and invest their time and energy in fruitful social work.
Facilities provided:

ATMA Foundation’s expertise, professionalism and commitment in the areas of training, empowerment and relationship management will make the project unique in style and culture.

Residential facilities

In the initial stage, this will consist of independent, compact villas suitable for single or couple occupancy. The villas will be ‘elder-friendly’, designed with focus on the special needs of senior citizens.

Meeting the changing needs

As seniors move on from being ‘young seniors’ to ‘elder seniors’ from their 60’s to 80’s, their needs undergo radical changes. It is therefore important to customize the facilities accordingly. The basic structure of the facilities envisioned is as follows:

The above structure is flexible according to the needs and preferences of the individuals.

Meeting security & comfort needs

The Senior Citizens’ Homes will have 24 x 7 security. Any kind of help including domestic help, nursing assistance, travel, etc  will be available to the elders at all times.

Meeting Health Needs
  • Facilities for exercise and recreation – gymnasium, badminton court, etc. - with qualified trainers.
  • Yoga training and practice
  • Full-fledged geriatric care hospital in the campus
Meeting Social Needs
  • Recreation Club with membership open to ATMA Fraternity.
  • Regular programmes and special events with public involvement
Meeting Emotional/ Developmental needs
  • Opportunities for academic/professional learning: The campus will have facilities to learn and practice counselling, social work, yoga, art forms, etc. The seniors who are healthy and active can embark on a second career, if interested.
  • Opportunities to learn art – music, painting, dance, etc.
  • Counselling/ therapeutic support when needed
  • Group sessions/ guidance on graceful ageing
Strength-based exclusivity

The most unique feature of the ATMA Harmony Village is the strength-based approach to elders’ care. Here, the seniors are not considered as persons who only need and demand care. They are viewed as resourceful individuals with wisdom, expertise and enriching life experiences, and they are encouraged to further enrich their resourcefulness by facilitating the same. The seniors can actively participate in the social work initiatives of the Harmony Village according to their interests and capabilities. For example they can mentor children in the Children’s Homes, counsel families in conflict, train young women in a skill, support the management/administrative work, etc after taking the required training programmes. Thus they become effective contributors to society, sharing their time, wisdom, expertise and experience for the welfare of their less-privileged brethren in the community.

This adds life to their years. The seniors, instead of discussing death and disease, get a new lease at active living. Instead of ‘coping with’ and ‘getting by’  in life, they can utilise every moment effectively, and experience more joy, vigour, peace and happiness than ever before. They can truly celebrate every moment of life.

Tapping synergy
One of the challenges in the effective administration of elders’ homes is the paucity of skilled manpower. The destitute young men and women who seek shelter at the ATMA Harmony Village could be a potential source of human resource. ATMA can train them for the different job requirements.

At the ATMA Harmony Village, an atmosphere of independent interdependence is created so that every single need of elders is taken care of, and elders can live here with dignity. This is our tribute to our beloved elders who have collectively contributed the prime of their lives to make us what we are today!

In effect this will not be yet another old age home! This is envisioned as a community led by resourceful elders providing them every opportunity to celebrate the latter years of their lives - as contributors to society living in the midst of an active and mutually supporting  ‘family’.

The uniqueness of ATMA Harmony Village is the synergy of the different projects envisioned here. It gives the senior citizens an opportunity to engage in continuous social interaction. This gives them a sense of joy and dignity, and helps them escape the dreaded boredom of old age. It keeps them healthy and happy.

The proposed ATMA Harmony Village is not just another living facility for senior citizens.

It is envisioned as a lively community where Service is the Way of Life, and people live in an ambience of Health, Harmony and Happiness, exploring their personal best and sharing the benefits with the community..

The ATMA Harmony Village is planned as a model social service initiative, integrating a variety of service and development projects in a single campus, utilising professional expertise in the areas of social work, health care, education, community development, etc.

The Village will provide safe, supported quality living options to elders, women, youth and children who need it. The happiness quotient of their lives will be greatly improved by the mutually beneficial interactions in the village setting. They can also be actively involved in the community development projects that are initiated here.

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