Senior Citizens’ Wellness Living

As the younger generation leaves home in search of greener pastures the elders, even affluent ones, are confined to a lonely life. They seek comfort and interaction in old age homes, where however, daily topics of discussion revolve around disease and death.

The Senior Citizens’ Wellness Living facility at the ATMA Harmony Village offers a chance for the elders to live in health, happiness, and fruitful service. The ambience of positive energy in the Village will engage them physically, emotionally and spiritually. They will also be able to contribute their wisdom and experience to support the various service projects initiated here.

Facilities and living arrangements shall be according to the care needs at different stages of old age:

  • Independent Living : Independent units with common spaces for ‘younger’ elders
  • Interdependent Living: Compact accommodation enabling greater mutual support
  • Assisted Living– Shared space with easy access to care and support systems, specialist care when needed
  • Supported Living– Facilities at Geriatric and Palliative Care Hospital for elders who are bedridden

The ATMA Harmony Village will become a replicable model for an ideal Senior Citizens’ Community with an atmosphere of independent interdependence where elders can

  • Live a fruitful life with dignity
  • Involve and contribute in social intervention services
  • Mentor the children, sharing love and wisdom

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Children’s Home

ATMA Gurukulam, the present destitute home for girls, approved by the Government of Kerala, will be relocated to the Harmony Village with better facilities.

A separate Home for Boys will also be developed in the Harmony Village.

A healthy connect between the Senior Citizens’ Home and the Gurukulam will help:

  • Children and elders enjoy the experience of loving and being loved
  • Sharing the wisdom of the elders for overall development of the children
  • Enrich the lives of the mentoring elders as they will find new happiness and a new purpose for living

This will shift the paradigm of the traditional destitute homes for children and elders’ homes to a more sustainable system.

Short - Stay Home For Destitute Mothers

This home will accommodate destitute mothers along with their small children. This will ensure that children are not separated from their mothers.

Here the needs of both mother and child will be met. Both can experience the joy of togetherness under the care and protection of the ATMA Family.

The women can acquire skills at the Livelihood Skill Station in the Village. They will have options for finding temporary employment with the ongoing projects in the Harmony Village or for exploring opportunities outside. The children, as they grow up, can move into the Gurukulam Girls’ or Boys’ Home if needed.

Young Men’s Home

The home for youth is planned

  • To accommodate senior boys from the Gurukulam
  • To support them till their education is completed and they are well placed in society

Young Women’s Home

The ATMA Harmony Village proposes to build a Women’s Home where

  • Senior girls from the Gurukulam can live till their education is completed and they are well placed in society
  • Other destitute young women can be accommodated

Residents of the youth homes will be a powerful voluntary support system for the Harmony Village.

Working Women’s Home

Utilising the facilities of the Harmony Village, a working women’s hostel will be developed here. This will provide a safe, secure place for working women who are forced to live away from home. These women can also be positive contributors to community development.

Elders’ Day Care Centre

The facilities attached to the Senior Citizens’ residential homes shall be offered to the other elders in the locality, enabling them to spend quality time together and engage in productive service activities, promoting further fruitful community interaction.

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