The Campaign Point

Campaigns addressing relevant social issues have been a defining feature of ATMA Foundation activities. The Campaign Point at the Harmony Village will identify pressing issues of different social groups, design suitable mass intervention and awareness campaigns, and coordinate their implementation.

Community Development Facilitation Centre

The Community Development Facilitation Centre (CDFC) at the Village will plan, coordinate and execute projects for the sustainable development of the neighbouring villages. CDFC will implement development initiatives in health, agriculture, education, environment, energy, skill development, community resource mobilisation, etc. in association with government agencies, LSGs, NGOs and corporations.

Centre For Family-based Interventions

The various activities of the Harmony Village will provide support to the helpless in their time of need. The Centre for Family-based Interventions will explore the possibilities of reintegrating the individual into the family, and will implement the necessary interventions to uplift the family – emotionally, socially and economically – to facilitate smooth reintegration, and to continue regular follow-up and support.

Community Radio

The various activities of the Harmony Village will provide support to the helpless in their time of need. The Centre for Community Radio will be utilised to encourage community participation in development initiatives and to broadcast news and programmes related to development projects of the government and other agencies.

Centre For Living In Harmony

This centre will organise camps, workshops and activities to promote Living in Harmony, assisting individuals and families to live happier lives with healthier relationships. It will focus on individual empowerment and compassionate social intervention through intrapersonal and interpersonal integration.

The centre will run programmes and also have facilities for research in:

  • Application of traditional Indian wisdom in modern living
  • Further developing the concepts and practice of Living in Harmony.

Environment Centre

Headed by a panel of experts, the Environment Centre will have the following objectives:

  • To ensure that all facilities and practices at the ATMA Harmony Village are eco-friendly
  • To implement innovative eco-friendly projects like ‘zero- waste campus,’ alternate energy harnessing, rainwater harvesting, organic farming, etc. at the Harmony Village
  • To replicate these models of sustainable development in the surrounding communities and villages
  • To take up campaigns to spread eco-friendly practices

Sustainable Agriculture Centre

The centre will demonstrate and facilitate healthy and sustainable agriculture practices – for the Harmony Village and the community. Facilities will include:

  • Organic Farm
  • Biogas Plant
  • Natural farming facilitation for the community
  • Resource Centre to provide expert advice on sustainable agriculture practices.

Gokula Gramam

The Cow symbolises a culture. Protection and rearing of the cow is a culture-enriching practice and also integral to the rural economy. At the Gokula Gramam, cow protection and rearing will be undertaken on a large scale as a technically and culturally sound agriculture practice. It will support organic farming and off-grid energy generation in the Harmony Village. Organic products and traditional medicines derived from the cows will supplement the health and environment initiatives in the Harmony Village.

School Of Social Work

ATMA aims to develop a School of Social Work in the campus. Regular courses in Social Work, Psychology, Counselling, LD Remediation, etc. will be conducted in association with eminent institutes here.

There will also be refresher courses, workshops and advanced training modules for professionals who are already in the field but do not have professional degrees.

There will be facilities for research to create an indigenous knowledge base, evolving innovative social work concepts and practice in the Indian setting.

The ATMA Harmony Village will be an ideal setting for aspirants to learn and develop social work skills. The hands-on training experiences will enhance professionalism and inspire commitment in social work.

The presence of student trainees throughout the year will ensure volunteer support to the Harmony Village.

Research & Development Centre

Research is the cornerstone of sustainable development. All initiatives at the ATMA Harmony Village will have their own research facilities. The R & D Centre will act as the nodal centre to coordinate and manage these research facilities, facilitate interdepartmental interactions, and explore new frontiers of research.

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