A charitable foundation is generally a passive charity which receives funds by way of gift and donation and then makes donations to other charities which, in fact, carry out the active charitable work. India is the world’s largest democracy and a rising economic powerhouse. But it is tackling major social, economic and environmental issues, including a huge gap between the wealthy and those living in poverty. India had the world’s largest population facing food shortages. As health systems are overwhelmed, many more children could miss out on vital health services. In a nation like India charitable foundation plays a good role to the welfare of community.

Atma foundation is a Voluntary Organisation committed to empowering individuals and families to lead happier lives with healthier relationships, and to bring positive change in the community. We provide home for girls known as Atma Gurukulam, focuses the education and overall development of the girls.


ATMA Gurukulam is a Home for girls in need of care and protection – underprivileged girls who have no safe home, no supporting parents, who are from families in conflict, who have no means for education, etc. Functioning in leased premises at Puranattukara, 5 kms from Thrissur town, the ATMA Gurukulam is currently home to 17 girls, aged 8 to 22. Atma Gurukulam contributes great achievements in taking care of children.

At ATMA Gurukulam, the children are given much more than food and shelter. They are given the love, care and security of a real home, where they can be safe and happy.

Holistic Development

The children attend Sree Sarada Girls’ Higher Secondary School, Puranattukara, till 12th standard, and then move on to pursue higher education courses of their choice in reputed colleges. Apart from regular education, all children are given extra support.

Our work for children in India is making a difference in the life of needy people. Together, we’re changing children’s lives and enable them to transform into responsible and responsive citizens of the society, and leaders in their chosen fields. Thanks to giving people like you for being a part of the successful future of the weaker section of the society.

For more information please click www.atmafoundation.org

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