Charitable giving, which is the activity behind a charitable organization, actually started over 4,000 years ago. Some Charitable organizations in India focus charity works in the nation, while others may have a presence in numerous countries. Some organizations have a sole purpose such as to deliver medical supplies or to educate an underserved population while others have a wider purpose of simply improving the lives of people living in the areas with the greatest need for assistance. Atma Foundation one the most reputed charitable organizations in India serves an important purpose by reaching out to those who are in need of assistance in areas where there are little or no resources available.

Our charities provide aid either by educating, setting up programs or providing necessary supplies. We work for individual empowerment, family welfare and community development.

Here are some of the activities we undertake to empower Family and relationships

ATMA Family Counselling Centre

Empowering individuals and families with a better understanding of oneself and others, enabling them to rediscover the love and joy in relationships, and solve their own problems. Follows the unique approach of Harmony Counselling developed by C.K Suresh, ATMA Founder – Director, based on the philosophy of Living in Harmony. The support of experts in relevant fields – psychologist, psychiatrist, physician, yoga therapist, etc – is provided or suggested by ATMA FCC.

Saha Dharmam Chara

Pre and post-marital guidance and training programme. Planned as a series of residential and non-residential workshops for youngsters who are about to get married, and for recently married couples, to empower them to create harmony within the marital relationship. The workshops would include sessions by experts on topics like physical, emotonal, financial & social aspects of marital harmony, values and conflict resolution in marriage, etc. A two-day syllabus development workshop was conducted at the Kerala Institute of Local Administration, Thrissur.

We committed to empowering individuals and families to lead happier lives with healthier relationships, and to bring positive change in the community. We work for the improvement of the society through our charitable function.

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