Vandana Menon

I first came to know of ATMA Foundation through Parvathy Ganesan who was my classmate in school. From time to time, she used to post information regarding events organised by the foundation. I used to curiously read about the organisation online and also about C K Suresh sir. From the very start, I felt that the intent of helping little children who were lost in life as well as little children who didn’t have a strong support system, a true divine service. Somehow, it touched me. 

I then came across one of Parvathy’s WhatsApp posts about wanting volunteer teachers to provide coaching to children. Initially, I was doubtful if my offer to volunteer would even be useful. I was not a ‘qualified teacher’ and I have no experience teaching children.  😊  But I was welcomed with open arms!

During my first volunteer meeting regarding the Uyare Project, I understood that everyone at ATMA foundation was highly involved and dedicated. ‘Being creative and effective’ was priority. ‘Making a difference’ was the mantra. Working along with all other volunteers has been a humbling experience. Many volunteers are experienced teachers who are just devoted to the cause of education. No wonder, my friend keeps telling me that ATMA Foundation is soon going to become the best NGO in India for Education! 😊 I already know that it is a trusted NGO in India for Volunteering. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my knowledge and skill with our fantastic and hopeful little boys and girls!! 

From my interactions with everyone in the Uyare project so far, I understand that the intention of ‘Uyare’ is not to simply churn out some good grades but it is to facilitate comprehensive education focusing on developing mind & emotion. The aim to is help our smart little children grow into ambitious, responsible, fully rounded and capable citizens. C K Suresh sir and everyone at ATMA are working so hard for the cause. I pray that the almighty help them in all their actions. 

Ms Vandana Menon is a Senior HR Professional based in London, UK. She is a Volunteer-Teacher with ATMA Uyare, and handles online Spoken English sessions for children from Child Care Institutions in different parts of Kerala.

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