Charitable trusts in India have a progressive role in the economic and social development in the country. Trust is the obligation or responsibility placed on one in whom confidence or authority is place; it is a confidence reposed in a person by conveying to him the legal title to property which he is to hold for the benefit of others. Atma Foundation is the leading registered charitable trust in India, set up in order to tackle the problems of needy people, especially amongst young children

Its emphasis is on assisting the senior citizens, women and the children who need a support to help them join mainstream society.

Here are our support activities for Health and Wellness

Guidance & Counselling

ATMA provides guidance & counselling support regularly to individuals, families, children, adolescents, youth, senior citizens, etc through projects like the ATMA Family Counselling Centre and ATMA Child & Adolescent Development Centre. Special initiatives are also organised to reach out to the public and promote emotional well-being. During the Kerala Floods, counselling was provided in relief camps, and also as part of primary health camps.

ATMA Yoga Peetham & Fitness Centre

Promotes Yoga for holistic health, and facilities simple regular exercise for sustained physical fitness.

Activities include:

  • Yoga Training – Regular classes by expert trainers, practice groups for follow-up.
  • Yoga Theraphy – Personal sessions to counter the effects of Life Style diseases like Diabetes, BP, Stress, etc.
  • Yoga Campaigns – One-time yoga sessions during ATMA camps, workshops, etc, to give a general awareness to the public about the benefits of yoga, and introduce them to the basics of yoga practice.
  • Fitness Centre – A mini-fitness centre is being developed at the ATMA Foundation office, with simple exercise equipments. ATMA staff and volunteers are encouraged to excercise daily. The public are also welcome to utilise the facility free of cost.

Community Health Programme

ATMA Foundation takes up different initiatives to promote mental and physical health in the community.

  • Primary Health Care camps in rural areas with the support of expert doctors and health care professionals. Sometimes, free medical tests are also provided by partnering with hospitals and labs.
  • Nutrition food kits are provided to poor families during festive occasions like Onam.
  • Seminars and discussions on topics related to health care are conducted for health care are conducted for health and helping professionals, and for the public.
  • Free distribution of mobility aids to economically backward/flood affected people with mobility problems.
  • Ambulance Service: An ambulance was donated to ATMA Foundation by Bank of India, as part of their CSR, and is being used to assist the needy.

For all our activities we need support from you to bring a progressive impact i society. Your support will help us to achieve our goal in no time. Donation really contributes much to the development of the community as a whole. We seek your assitance to give colours to needy people.

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