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Medical Aid to 500 poor patients


One of the numerous challenges in the health sector is the increasing cost of medical care. Socio- economically backward families are severely affected by this. Lack of sufficient financial resources makes them neglect their health needs. Through this project ATMA aims to provide regular medical aid to 100 deserving patients who are suffering from long-term illnesses.

ATMA Foundation has always been actively involved in ensuring health and wellness of the community. We conduct primary health care camps in rural areas and provide nutrition food kits to poor families. We have distributed mobility equipment and prosthetic devices like wheelchairs, crutches, artificial limbs, etc. free of cost to over 120 persons with disabilities. We also have an ambulance service.

With the outbreak of COVID- 19, people from socio-economically weak backgrounds are in need of greater support with regard to health and wellness. The new project aims to address their needs.


The covid-19 pandemic has aggravated the risks and challenges faced by patients suffering from long-term illnesses.

Long-term illness or disability deprives a person of the capacity to earn his /her livelihood. At the same time, medical costs increase, plunging the whole family into financial crisis and despair. This makes people stop their treatments without getting a full cure, which in turn aggravates the disease.

The family ends up being caught in the vicious cycle of poverty and disability.

In order to break this cycle, they need support. NGOs like ATMA Foundation can play a major role in helping them. NGOs can mobilise resources to support the regular health needs of persons with disabilities.


ATMA Foundation aims to provide regular support to meet the medical needs of 100 deserving persons who are suffering from long-term illness and are financially backward. This includes supporting the cost of medicines and other essentials, as well as regular procedures like dialysis, physiotherapy, etc.

Benefits covered:

  • Medicines
  • Regular treatments like dialysis
  • Physiotherapy
  • Other essentials (clothes, diapers, equipment, devices, accessories etc

A better health will enhance the ability of a person to do work and improve the standard of living. 100 persons from financially backward situations who are suffering from long-term illness will get medical aid. This will be a great relief to the family. Regular support will ensure that treatment continues without break, and their quality of life will improve. In time, they may also get well enough to take up a suitable job. This will improve their living conditions and help the family out of the poverty cycle.


Deserving patients are identified by our volunteer network. The required support is provided to them either as direct financial support or by paying the medical/ therapy bills directly to the vendors. Effective follow-ups are done to ensure that health care needs are properly met.

How YOU can support

You can support people in need by making a contribution to ATMA Foundation for this project. You can sponsor a person @ INR 1000/- per month or @INR 12,000 per year.

ATMA Foundation is raising funds for this project through the GiveIndia Fundraising Challenge 2022.

Your donation From 1st February to 30th march will also help us get matching grants of upto 30% from GiveIndia.
You can donate to us on this platform through the link