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Living in Harmony

Living in Harmony (LIH) is a practical philosophy of effective living. It advocates some simple attitude changes and perceptual shifts that help a person to lead a happier life with healthier relationships.

LIH was developed by Sri C K Suresh, Founder- Director of ATMA, from his rich experiences as a social activist, entrepreneur, trainer and counsellor. Combining the wisdom of Indian Spirituality with modern techniques of Psychology and Management, Sri Suresh has created a framework of simple guidelines for happy living, which he calls ‘Living in Harmony’.

LIH focuses on intrapersonal and interpersonal integration. “I am the creator, sustainer and destroyer of MY world. When I need a better world, I must create it”. This is the core concept of LIH. Happiness depends on one’s response to one’s experiences. Living in Harmony empowers the individual to understand his inner world, and manage his responses to the experiences of the world around. It is a process of intrapersonal and interpersonal integration.

ATMA organises programmes to spread the concepts and practice of LIH. This includes:

Harmony Meditation

It is a meditation training programme developed by Sri C K Suresh. Harmony Meditation is not a new technique – it is rather an approach to self integration through meditation. It involves concept and technique elements from different meditation methods, structured in a manner suited to the ordinary individual. The training is conducted in the form of 1 hour meditation sessions for 3 to 4 succesive days, usually in the morning. These are sometimes conducted along with an LIH talk series.

Family Harmony Workshops

These are half-day workshops which can be attended by families. The workshops include interactive sessions on Love, Values and Relationships within the family. It is also an opportunity for different generations in the families to openly express their concerns and understand those of others.

LIH Talk Series:

These are 90 minute talks by Sri C K Suresh for 5 successive days. The talk series are organised at public places, sometimes in association with socio-cultural organisations, residents’ associations, youth clubs, etc. The talks are well-attended by families, and people of all age groups are benefitted.

LIH Topic Talks

These are short one-time talks on topics related to the various concepts in LIH.


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