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Flood Relief & Rehabilitation


After the rains wreaked havoc and Kerala reeled under widespread devastation, ATMA Foundation has been standing firmly with our people, doing what we can to support the relief and reconstruction efforts.

PHASE I (Completed)

In the initial days of the deluge, ATMA Volunteers were actively involved in rescue and relief efforts in their areas. In the next stage, the focus was on mobilising resources to meet the urgent needs of the affected people.

Sourcing Support

ATMA Foundation partnered with Americares India Foundation, Mobility India Bangalore, AB InBev, Indiana Malayali Association, AS India Thirupur and other organisations to source urgently required relief and support to flood affected areas. Funds were raised through online platforms like Global Giving and Letzchange.

Relief Materials

  • 6 truckloads of drinking water (over 90,000 Litres) were sourced to many badly hit regions in Thrissur, Chalakkudy and Ernakulam during the floods.
  • Hygiene kits, cleaning materials, mosquito nets, and utility materials like floor mats, bedsheets, etc, with a net worth of over INR 18 Lakhs, were  distributed to more than  1500 families in worst affected areas like Thottippal, Kodassery, Vynthala, Kuzhur, Injamudi, etc.
  • Groceries, Utensils and Household Items worth over INR 2.5 Lakhs to 50 families
  • New clothes were distributed to all children of the LP school in Parakkadavu, where people suffered heavy material loss.

Livelihood Support

  • Sewing machines were given to 4 families


  • Primary Health Care Rural Camps were conducted in 18 remote villages in Thrissur & Ernakulam districts, benefitting over 1500 people. Medicines worth over INR 2 Lakhs have been distributed free of cost.
  • Group Counselling & personal counselling for flood victims were conducted in 8 places, benefitting over 1200 people.
  • Water storage cans with water purification tablets were distributed to 1000 families in areas which were facing severe shortage of clean water – making provision for clean drinking water for over 3 months.

ATMA was able to channelize more than 2800 man hours from 116 volunteers for the flood relief work in the first phase.



Reconstruction & Repairs

ATMA Foundation has provided financial support of INR 8 Lakhs for repairs and reconstruction, benefitting 11 families. One house, which was completely damaged has been fully reconstructed. 10 other families have been given support for constructing the foundation, electrical fittings, tiling work completed for one house, repair of wells, purchase of water tank, etc.


Resilience Training & Recovery Support

Cultural programmes, camps, workshops, etc were organised to help people relax, recover from the emotional trauma and get back to their normal lives. These included:

  • A one-day workshop for senior citizens
  • 5-Day Residential Camp for children during December holidays
  • Dance festival with eminent artistes in flood-hit Chengamanadu


The ATMA Digital & Financial Empowerment Center is initiating a training programme for flood victims to empower them to seek better livelihood opportunities, and increase their income through digital and financial literacy.

On the whole, by March 2019, ATMA has given support worth over 50 lakhs, benefitting over 5,000 flood hit families in Thrissur and Ernakulam. Programmes are still continuing to support the flood-affected areas, and to help the people reclaim their lives.


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