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Educational Support to 1000 Underprivileged Children


Education is a core focus area of ATMA Foundation. As a responsive NGO, ATMA Foundation, since the beginning of the pandemic, has been providing direct financial and material support for the education of underprivileged children. We have provided school kits, digital devices and nutrition kits to 600 plus children last year.

Realizing the gravity of the issue and the urgent need, ATMA Foundation is now taking up a long-term project for educational support.

Through this project, ATMA aims to provide books, learning materials and uniforms to at least 1000 children in need every year. The children will also be provided tutoring and mentoring support by expert teachers through online and offline channels.

The Problem:

Learning disruption has been a major fallout of the covid-19 pandemic the world over. Children from socio-economically backward families have been the worst hit.

Some of the major challenges they face are:

  • Parents losing their job/ income due to pandemic
  • Parents or children themselves suffering from Covid & post covid health issues
  • With schools closed, their major learning avenue is no longer available
  • No access to digital devices
  • No support/ supervision from parents in academic matters
  • Unable to take external support due to pandemic restrictions

In this situation, as the family struggles for sustenance and basic necessities, education of the child is deeply affected.

This might seem to be a temporary phenomena. Once the learning disruption has occurred, it is very difficult for the child to get back on track. Lack of proper education for one or two years creates a huge learning gap. This creates distress and lack of confidence. And might lead to loss of interest in studies, resulting in a drop-out.

The hopes of a bright future are dashed, and the child gets trapped in the poverty cycle.

The Solution

First and foremost, the financial issues have to be overcome. Since parents are in no situation to take up the burden of providing for educational requirements, direct material or financial support is essential. Notebooks, textbooks, other learning accessories, uniforms, etc have to be provided to the children. Digital devices will also have to be provided where required.

The next issue is that these children do not have anyone at home to support them with their school work, clear their doubts or motivate them to study. They need tutors and mentors to help them cope with their school work.

The ATMA Commitment

ATMA Foundation, as an NGO committed to child development and education, is now taking up a long-term project to ensure support to children in need of care.

Material Support
1000 deserving children hailing from socio-economically deprived circumstances is being identified by our volunteer network. After a comprehensive need assessment, the children will be provided textbooks, notebooks, uniforms and learning accessories as required. It will be provided in the form of material support by linking with local vendors, to ensure that the money is utilised solely for the intended purpose. School fees will be paid directly to the respective schools where necessary.

Learning Support
ATMA also has a learning support system for these children. With our learning platform, ATMA Uyare, we will provide these children unlimited access to quality video and print content to help them with school syllabus. The children will be enrolled in our tutoring and mentoring programme, where they will get attention, care and guidance from dedicated tutors. Through this programme the children will get regular classes to improve their foundations in mathematics and english, develop better learning skills and bridge learning gaps. They will also be given subject tuitions to improve their school performance.

We seek your support

Would you like to support this project? Here are different ways in which you can support the children.


You can support the education of one or more children by giving a monthly or annual sponsorship.

Sponsor the education of one child

@ INR 600 per month
@ INR 7200 per year

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You can contribute your time and expertise as a volunteer.
Depending on your interest and expertise, you can help with teaching, raising funds, coordination, content creation, technical support, etc.

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Project Timeline

ATMA Foundation is already engaged in providing tutoring and mentoring support to 400 children through the Uyare project. With each 12-month sponsorship that we get, we will enroll one child into the education support programme. The need assessment will be immediately done, and learning materials will be delivered to the child in time for the start of the academic year.


The donor and beneficiary details will be kept confidential, respecting the privacy of both. Donors will receive quarterly reports detailing implementation and impact. Further details can be provided on specific requests from the donor.

ATMA Foundation is raising funds for this project through the GiveIndia Fundraising Challenge 2022.

Your donation From 1st February to 30th March will also help us get matching grants of upto 30% from GiveIndia.
You can donate to us on this platform through the link