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ATMA extends support and succour to people in need, during disaster situations like the Kerala Floods in 2018 and 2019, and the present covid pandemic.

Some of the ATMA initiatives include:

Mobilising Resources

Drinking water, Hygiene kits, cleaning materials, mosquito nets, clothes, utility materials, groceries, utensils, household items, etc distributed to affected families. Learning kits, tabs and televisions distributed to poor children during covid pandemic.

Livelihood Support

  • Sewing machines given to 4 families
  • Training programmes at the ATMA Digital & Financial Empowerment Centre to empower participants to seek better livelihood opportunities, and increase their income through digital and financial literacy.


  • Primary Health Care Rural Camps with free medicine distribution
  • Group Counselling & personal counselling sessions
  • Distribution of water storage and purification kit

Emotional Support

  • Group Counselling & personal counselling sessions
  • Tele counselling facility during pandemic

Mobility Aids

Free Mobility Equipments distributed to flood victims. Assessment, fitting and training camps organised.

Reconstruction & Repairs

Full reconstruction of one completely damaged house. Partial reconstruction support for other houses - constructing the foundation, electrical fittings, tiling work, repair of wells, purchase of water tank, etc.

Resilience Training & Recovery Support

Cultural programmes, camps, workshops, to help people relax, recover from the emotional trauma and get back to their normal lives.