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ATMA Foundation offers internship opportunities to students who are pursuing Degree or Post Graduate courses in different streams.

The greatest strength of ATMA Foundation is our team of volunteers who dedicate their time, resources and energy to support this good cause. We consider student interns as temporary volunteers.

Though we take all care to impart to the students, a real feel of committed voluntary work, and provide learning opportunities in the short time span, interns should understand that they are joining the ongoing work of a voluntary organisation. Hence expectations should match with the realities on ground and every intern should be willing to contribute to meet the requirements of the organisation.

  • The internship has to be of minimum 20 days duration. However, this rule may be relaxed in certain cases, depending upon the nature of work available at any time.
  • Student interns will be given opportunities to work in the organisation in the ongoing projects at the time of internship, and also in the regular activities of the organisation – including office administration, fundraising, documentation, organising programmes, etc. Depending on the timing and duration of the internship, interns may also have the opportunity to participate in research projects
  • Student interns are expected to take part actively in all the activities of the organisation, and take up any of the above-mentioned work areas that is assigned to them. Students cannot insist that they will do only a certain kind of work.
  • On accepting an internship with ATMA, every intern undertakes that he/she will uphold the goodwill of ATMA Foundation. Interns are expected to adhere to office timings, rules, and dress codes. Interns should work as per the guidance of the supervisors in the organisation.
  • Case work/ case study with children (at ATMA Gurukulam or Railway Child help Desk) is not permitted if it requires any kind of background information about them. Interventional case studies may be allowed strictly under the supervision of the Child Welfare Officer.
  • Interns will have to make their own arrangements for travel, food & accommodation and there is no provision for any stipend.
  • For confirmation, applications must be received well in advance along with reference letter from head of institution / head of the department with all details.


Students who are interested in interning with ATMA Foundation can send their request to