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EC Initiatives

The stated mission of ATMA Foundation is to enable people to lead happier lives with healthier relationships. To achieve this, Individual empowerment is the key. Empowerment, here, is functionally defined as the ability to take charge of one’s own life. ATMA EC initiatives empower individuals and also inspire them to utilize their new energy to serve humanity.

Talks & Workshops

  • For students, teachers, youth, adolescents, children, women, etc.
  • Focussing on individual empowerment, sustaining good relationships in the family and workplace, and developing an attitude of active compassion.

 EC Labs

  • Training in Self empowerment and basic helping skills for adults
  • 15 full-day sessions spaced over 1 year
  • 25-30 participants in a batch
  • Guided by Sri C K Suresh, Eminent Trainer and expert counsellor

EC VOLUNTEER  : Volunteer Development Initiatives

The tagline of ATMA Foundation, AatmanoMokshaya, JagatHithaaya cha, translates as ‘For Self Growth and for the Welfare of the World’. The self-development and happiness of volunteers is of prime importance at ATMA. ATMA also strives to develop volunteerism in people of all age groups and backgrounds.

EC (Empowerment & Compassion) Groups: Weekly guided group sessions for ATMA Volunteers to share their thoughts, ideas and concerns. Helps to gain a deeper insight into oneself and understand others. It is also a powerful programme for conflict resolution and team development.

Family Betterment Sessions: Every month, ATMA volunteers, along with their families, get together and spend an evening discussing the activities of the past month, upcoming events, and any other relevant social issues.

Festivals & Celebrations: The ATMA Family celebrates festivals like Vishu, Onam, Christmas, New Year, etc with special get-togethers.

Volunteers’ Conclave: A training-cum-discussion workshop for ATMA Volunteers, to discuss the past work, and prepare the roadmap for upcoming programmes.

Trainings & Workshops: ATMA volunteers actively attend trainings and workshops by expert agencies in relevant fields.


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