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ATMA Yoga Peethom

ATMA Yoga Peethom promotes Yoga for holistic health. The fitness centre facilitates simple regular excerise for sustained physical fitness.


  1. Yoga Training

Regular Yoga classes are conducted by expert yoga trainers at the ATMA Training Hall at Surya Gardens, Paliyam Road, Thrissur. People of all age groups can attend the classes. Those completing the 2-month basic training can continue practice by joining the daily practice groups.

  1. Yoga Therapy

Personal yoga therapy sessions are provided to those in need, to counter the effects of Life Style diseases like Diabetes, BP, Stress, etc.


  1. Yoga Campaigns

One-time yoga sessions are conducted during ATMA camps, workshops, etc, to give a general awareness to the public about the benefits of yoga, and introduce them to the basics of yoga practice.

  1. Fitness Centre

A mini-fitness centre is being developed at the ATMA Foundation office, with simple exercise equipments. ATMA staff and volunteers are encouraged to exercise daily. The public are also welcome to utilise the facility free of cost.


Regd Charitable Trust No.397/IV/06
NITI Aayog Regn No: KL/2009/0007103
Admin Office
Surya Gardens, Paliyam Road, Thrissur – 680001, KERALA, INDIA
Ph: +91-487-2325232, +91-9400995232
Regd Office
No.1 Vrindavan, Punkunnam, Thrissur – 680002, KERALA, INDIA

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